Njord Medtech® is set on a mission to bring forward new solutions for a value- and a patient-centric healthcare system that contributes to a positive development in society.


At Njord Medtech we’re driven by the motto that knowing is not enough. We must act. By applying an innovation-centric approach targeting hospital stakeholders we strive to create a satisfying and value-driven healthcare system for the many.  

Together with our partners and healthcare professionals we continuously explore and evaluate need areas for which new technologies and products can be applied to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

In a short-term perspective Njord targets to increase value throughput at Radiology departments with a patented motorized device - Atle. Additionally, a new solution to facilitate supine to prone position improving patient oxygenation and a digital application to support cancer patients are under development.


The company has been incubated within the Sahlgrenska Hospital since 2017, and incorporated in 2019. Founded by Barbro Cagner - former X-ray nurse, union representative, and deputy head at Sahlgrenska Radiology. During her time as a unit head and union representative the issues from incomprehensive care processes became ever more apparent with negative implications for patients, healthcare professionals, and the hospital.


Execution is key to success. Njord Medtech’s team is built upon driven and motivated individuals with a diverse set of experiences from healthcare institutions, leading medical device companies as well as engineering and product designers from related industries.


In line with our ambition to have a positive impact on society, Njord offers healthcare institutions to rent our equipment thereby securing an internal company incentive to maintain a long lifespan for our products. We strive to find a good balance between selecting materials and components that minimize negative environmental impact while maintaining a clean, disinfected environment reducing the risk of patient infection.

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