Next generation of lateral transfer increasing value throughput at Radiology departments


Efficient supine to prone position improving patient oxygenation 


Atle®180 is a motorized patient transfer device to improve work environment and productivity at hospitals, mainly targeted at Radiology departments

One of the prevalent issues at today's Radiology department is the manual patient transfer. Among healthcare professionals, nurses have the highest rate of back pain, with an annual prevalence of 40-50% and a lifetime prevalence of 35-80%. An issue that is accelerating with increased numbers of obese patients.

At a large Radiology department up to 150,000 transfers are done on a yearly basis. The transfers are conducted by up to five healthcare professionals, patients experience it as unpleasant, healthcare professionals derive stress and work-related injuries from the transfers, and hospitals suffer from unbalanced throughput from expensive X-ray machines.


A digital application supporting cancer patients through disease and recovery

Cancer patients today express dissatisfaction interacting with the healthcare system throughout their disease with limited understanding of touchpoints, care plans, and slow diagnostic response. Analogously, the hospital imaging systems suffer from inefficient time-consuming processes. 

Cer-X supports cancer patients with direct notification and visual representation of diagnostic response, ongoing care plan, and highlight information of importance. The application leverages a fast, cheap, and secure way of showcasing medical images. 

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