Scanfil and Njord enters into manufacturing agreement

August 29, 2023

Njord Medtech has brought forward Atle® 180, a new generation patient transfer solution, to improve efficiency and quality of care for radiology departments. The medical device achieved approval in line with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) end of last year and has already been introduced in five different European markets. Scanfil’s factory in Åtvidaberg will produce and deliver to hospitals across Europe.

Healthcare spending has increased heavily over the last decades and is likely to continue with changing demographics. On top of this, there are >1 million additional healthcare professionals needed until 2030 in the US, UK, and Germany alone with many of them planning to leave their current roles. 

Atle 180 is one key enabler as retaining professionals and maintaining cost levels becomes ever more important in the global healthcare system. Fifteen hospitals in the Nordics have implemented the medical solution already with positive responses from both patient and users with underlying indications of improved radiology throughput.  

“We have been working closely with Scanfil over the last two years providing a strong base for the upcoming production acceleration phase. In addition, the volume capacity and regulatory capability that characterises the factory in Åtvidaberg are strong enablers for our journey ahead”  says Jacob Ahrnstein, CEO Njord Medtech

”Njord Medtech has a unique product and great growth potential. Scanfil is very happy that Njord Medtech chose us as its partner on the journey ahead. Scanfil has established experience in development, manufacturing and related services for medical technology products where we can provide support in all phases of the product life cycle,” says Steve Creutz CEO of Scanfil Åtvidaberg

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